Vulva Massage – Workshop

Saturday, 21th of January 2022 from15 – 18h for women*
Saturday, 11th of March 2023 from 15 – 18.30h for women* (booked out)
Saturday, 8th of April 2023 from 15 – 18.30h for singles, poly, couples* – all gender welcome
Saturday, 6th of May 2023 from 15 – 18.30h for women*
Saturday, 1th of July 2023 from 15 – 18.30h for women*
Saturday, 6th of May 2023 from 15 – 18.30h for women*
Saturday, 2th of September 2023 from 15 – 18.30h for couples, and poly, all relationships of all gender, single women welcome*
Saturday, 4th of November 2023 from 15 – 18.30h for women*
Saturday, 2th of December 2023 from 15 – 18.30h for women*

Workshop on vulva massage, techniques and training to integrate in everybodys sexlife.
Conducted by Dr. Laura Méritt
Exclusivitäten, Fürbringerstraße 2, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Entry: € 90,– Couple 175€, triple 250€
Single Men*: please contact me for the organization of persons to exercise

“The Massage helped me to differentiate the parts of my vulva and experience the feelings related to in a slow and caring way. How revolutionary for me!” Frizzie

Workshop: “Female ejaculation and G-Spot” – we squirt back!

Saturday, March 18 2023 15.00 – 18.00h (women* only) – booked out!
Saturday, April 22 2023 for couples, poly and singles (all gender welcome)
15.00 – 18.00h
Saturday, September 16 2023 15.00 – 18.00h (women*  only)- booked out!
Saturday, November 11 2023 for couples, poly and singles of all gender
(all gender and singles welcome) 15.00 – 18.00h

The female* prostate was known as a pleasure organ for over thousands of years. Modern science did finally ignore her existence. Now she is here again and has a coming out together with the female ejaculation. 
In the workshop you will learn in the first part about the sexual anatomy and the function of “the paraurethral tissues” and practice some pelvic exercises which support the flow of the fountain. In the second part of the workshop participants explore their individual G-Spot and Prostate: what she looks like, where is she located, how is she stimulated and how she ejaculates. I will guide through all the explorations and moderate the exchange of experiences.

Cost 90 € each person, couple 170€, triple 250€

“A discovery of my vulva and we are both really happy about having more and more contact.”

Literature: Female Ejaculation. The gush of Ecstasy.
(Ed). Dr. Laura Méritt, Berlin 2015.   Order


Workshop: Vulva Watching

Friday, January 20th 2023, 18-20h
Friday, May 5th 2023, 18-20h
Friday, September 15th 2023, 18.00h
Exclusivitäten, Fürbringerstrasse 2, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg. Entry 20 €

We look at our vulvas and other vulvas and appreciate their diversity, experiencing what it is like to show our pussy to others or to be looked at by others. In the process, we learn a vocabulary and enrich our language for positive detailed description. We also acquire the ability to give and accept compliments with gratitude.

Cunt Meditation

We focus on one or two hand movements or touches you learn at the vulva massage and devote ourselves entirely to slowness. For this we consciously use our breath and voice and come deeper and deeper into relaxation and feeling
Practice is done in pairs, the roles are reversed. Both the giving and the receiving side actively let the calm come over them and go into the depths of pleasure under my guidance. Recommended for all to establish a connection to body, soul, spirit.

Tuesday, 8th of March from 18-20h for women* 30€
Friday, 29. of April from 18-20h for women*: 30€

Lecture: “G-Spot and vulvaric ejaculation”

Friday, 18. March, 22.April and 9. September, 11. November 2022 6 p.m.
Where is the female prostate and where and what is the G-spot? Is it possible for all gender to ejaculate and where does it come from? How does she work? Questions and answers around the clitoris and all prostate and sexual organs with Dr. Laura Méritt.

Exclusivitäten, Fürbringerstrasse 2, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Entry 20€


Anal touches, tips and techniques as Joseph Kramer teached us to integrate in our sexlifes. One aspect will be the stimulation of the prostate through the back site.

Fri, 14th of April 2023 / 24th of November 2023 6-8pm Salon “For your ass”.
Approaches to our buttocks. Inhibitions – relaxations and openings. Introduction to the workshop. 20€

Sat, 15th of April 2023 3-6pm – for all gender and relationship
Sat, 24th of November 2023 3-6pm. Workshop for singles, couples, poly, of all gender.
Touches, caresses, handles and techniques to increase the pleasure around the buttocks, the rosette, the perineum and, if desired, stimulation of the internal surfaces such as the prostate.
In our basin of delight all life and love experiences gather. Heartfelt attention is a healing pleasant benefit. 90€ pro person, couples 175€, triple 250€

Softcock Massage

Workshop in which we learn techniques and deepening handles for softcock massage, which can be integrated into their own and shared sex life. Resting Hands–Hidden Eros, Rocking the Bone, Jiggling, Scrotal Kneading, Tugging the Gates of Consciousness, Caressing the Gates, Anointing with Oil, Stoking the Fire, Rock Around the Clock, Grounding the Force, Scrotum Squeeze, Nipples with Benefits, All Hands on Dick, and Penis Petting. These strokes are best learned by watching and practicing.

Sat, 17th of June 2023, 3-6 pm
Sat, 9th of december 2023, 3-6pm