This workshop was like nothing I’ve ever experienced!

This workshop was like nothing I’ve ever experienced! The afternoon was broken up into three main sections. The first hour, we started off with some meditations, light exercise, and dancing. This really helped me to feel connected with my body, and comfortable with the group. The second hour began with a short, but in depth anatomy lesson where we learned about the vulva in general, but more specifically the p-plane, urethra/urethral sponge, and more. We promptly put this lesson to good use by pulling out hand mirrors and looking at not only our own vulvas, but the vulvas of the other group participants. Seeing the diversity and beauty within the group was really a very special experience. The final hour, we practiced some techniques to induce ejaculation. Some of us were triumphant, while others will need to go home and practice a bit more. Regardless of the outcome, Laura was there the whole time to ask thought provoking questions, provide advice, or give an encouraging smile and cheer! I was pleasantly surprised to see that the workshop participants were diverse in age, ability, and even pubic hair style! Everyone in the group was welcoming, eager to learn, and happy to laugh—the best combination if you ask me. I can highly recommend this workshop if you’re at all interested in a more hands on approach to learning about ejaculation!