A workshop that gracefully balances feminism

“A workshop that gracefully balances feminism, self exploration, humor and lust. The starting exercises help to relax, the atmosphere is respectful with lots of humor, and Laura guides you during the workshop to a wonderful trip on your own body. My reservations almost disappeared after the first 5 minutes of dancing. Breath in, breathe out, explore and enjoy. I am very happy that I participated. ” Katerina, 45, Software Engineer

Softcock Massage

Workshop in which we learn techniques and deepening handles for softcock massage, which can be integrated into their own and shared sex life. Resting Hands–Hidden Eros, Rocking the Bone, Jiggling, Scrotal Kneading, Tugging the Gates of Consciousness, Caressing the Gates, Anointing with Oil, Stoking the Fire, Rock Around the Clock, Grounding the Force, Scrotum Squeeze, Nipples with Benefits, All Hands on Dick, and Penis Petting. These strokes are best learned by watching and practicing.

Sat, 8th of June 2024, 3-6 pm
Sat, 14th of december 2024, 3-6pm