Laura Méritt founded „Sexclusivitaeten“ over 20 years ago and we connect you now to this groundbreaking shop in Europe. Her sex-positive feminist enterprise is focused on sexual health through sexual informations and materials for everybody. All the selected toys and films are of high quality and made by mostly small manufactories with ethical productions. Here are the links for your prostate-stimulation.

Female ejaculation – www.sexclusivitaeten.deThe funny squirting girl – the symbol of female ejaculation – is available as stickers. So if you like to spread it around and enrich your city and surrounding with sex-positive pictograms and messages, mail us. It costs you nothing, we send it to you. You can donate some money for the sex-positve network “Freudenfluss” which is organizing campaigns and events of sexual and political relevance. >>Read more

Have fun and sexplore!

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